How to use Redux and Emotion in Gatsby

14. Oktober 2017|Sascha Jullmann

Emotion is currently my favorite css-in-js library and fortunately there is a gatsby-plugin for that. For a simple project that works as expected, you can just install the plugin and be done with it. You get all the goodness of emotion without...

Design Philosophy of GatsbyThemes

24. September 2017|Sascha Jullmann

It goes without saying that nowadays mobile is THE platform which people use to access the internet. We live in a time where mobile web usage exceeds desktop web usage (check out this article on Techcrunch) . Hence every website...

Launching GatsbyThemes

24. September 2017|Sascha Jullmann

I'm proud to say that 'I did it'. I finally launched a little project of mine. It's in no way perfect yet, but it's a start. I too have had the problem in the past of thinking up a project that I could undertake but didn't have the stamina to finish...